Company Overview

Welcome to Richard Sneed Construction, Inc. For over 30 years we have built hundreds of quality homes in Texas and in Florida. After graduating from the Florida State University in 1981, our owner Richard Sneed begin his career in home building. He began working for one of the largest US home builder U.S. Home Corp in Houston, Texas as Regional Field Foreman. From there Mr. Sneed moved to Fort Walton Beach where he was also Regional Field Foreman for one of the areas largest home builders.

In 1986, Mr Seed decided to build on his experience and knowledge of home building by starting his own home building company serving Okaloosa and Walton County, Florida.

In 1989, Richard Sneed Construction, Inc. (RSC) was opened in Tallahassee, Florida as a home building company focusing on assisting developers with distressed subdivisions to build out their lots. Within a few short years RSC become the second largest volume builder in the Tallahassee real estate market.

RSC was responsible for building out several popular Tallahassee residential communities which included the last phase of Avandale encompassing 25 lots, Kinhega Landing encompassing 40 lots, Linene Estate encompassing 25 lots as well as the last phase of Ox Bottom Gardens.

In addition to residential neighborhood subdivision development, RSC has built several townhome communities in Tallahassee including Capital Park Drive, Tina Drive and Emerald Ridge Loop along with several other smaller townhome properties.

RSC has experience in residential home building along the Gulf Coast in South Walton County and Seacrest Beach.

Currently RSC continues its passion and deep appreciation of building quality homes in Tallahassee Trails, a conservation community located eight minutes east of Capital Circle with the home sites surrounded by a chain of ponds and miles of nature trails. To learn more about the RSC homes in Tallahassee Trails, click here.